Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vet Unveils Rapid Dissolving Herbal

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2012

Veterinarian Dr. Douglas Kramer announced today that he has developed a revolutionary delivery system for pet therapeutics: Vet Guru herbal pet supplement strips.

Designed as an alternative to cumbersome pills and foul-tasting tablets, the rapid dissolving strips offer an ideal platform for pet owners to easily administer therapeutics to companion animals. The strip formulations consist of proprietary blends of herbal extracts with natural flavorings to create a healthy product with a taste that pets won't find objectionable. When the strips come into contact with saliva they quickly become sticky, dissolve in seconds and are much less likely to be ejected from the pets? mouth.

Rapid dissolving strips also offer another key advantage over traditional delivery vehicles: Sublingual absorption. The strip ingredients are absorbed directly into the blood stream through the tissues of the oral cavity rather than the lining of the stomach. The strip delivery system and sublingual absorption route are superior to other administration methods in a number of key ways:

????Increased Potency and Effectiveness- many therapeutics are much more potent and clinically effective when absorbed sublingually. The ingredients are absorbed rapidly into the system and directly into the blood stream. This results in therapeutics that are more effective and act in a shorter amount of time following administration.

????Increased Pet Safety- Safe for Liver and kidney compromised patients because it largely avoids ?first pass metabolism? in the liver which occurs when medications are swallowed. Avoids potential adverse and unwanted drug interactions in the stomach. Also Ideal for Vomiting or nauseous patients as it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract.

????Increased Owner and Pet Compliance- A convenient and portable package. Much easier to administer to discerning pets than large pills or tablets.

?Fusion medicine and an integrative, holistic approach are clearly the path of the future for pet care? Dr. Kramer said. ?We are combining the best qualities of traditional herbal therapeutics with cutting-edge modern technology. The clinical results and improved benefits to the patient cannot be understated.?

About Vet Guru

Vet Guru Inc was founded by veterinarian Dr. Douglas Kramer in 2006 to research and develop innovative pet products based on herbal and holistic formulations. The focus of the company primarily lies in incorporating natural therapeutics into novel delivery systems that make administration to pets more effective and convenient.

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